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Tenor Madness "Session" Tenor Saxophone ($4,600)

If you are interested in purchasing (or test playing these saxophones in the shop)  call (816-654-6405) or email to set that up.

Tenor Madness “Session” Tenor Saxophone ($4,600)

The TM “Session” has a beautiful cognac lacquer, bringing out the detailed Selmer SBA-inspired bell engraving. Tenor Madness began producing this model after more than a decade of development of the already popular model 500SL.  Their goal was to produce a counterpart to the 500SL with better intonation, cleaner articulation, and fast response. This horn delivers a focused tone than the 500SL, and retains a dense, beefy “core” even when pushed to louder dynamics giving it great projection.  Its intonation is impressive across the entire range just as Tenor Madness advertises.
It comes stock with Pisoni Pro pads and seamless domed nickel-plated resonators. With excellent key fit, the action is smooth, quiet, and feels great under the fingers.  This new “Session” is being offered at a discount due to a few minor blemishes (it has been demoed at a handful of trade shows).

- High F# key.
- Cognac lacquer
- Mark VI style chromatic F#
- Pisoni pro pads
- Seamless domed metal resonators
- TM Custom case with backpack straps
- Tenor Madness setup, Peak Performance Woodwinds tune-up
- Comes with a pair of Key Leaves key props
- Normal retail $4,795.00

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