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Andreas Eastman Rue St. Georges EAS850 Alto Saxophone ($4000)

If you are interested in purchasing (or test playing these saxophones in the shop)  call (816-654-6405) or email to set that up. 
Andreas Eastman Rue St. Georges EAS850 Alto Saxophone ($4,000)
This Eastman Saxophone is gorgeous and unique--both in its appearance and in the way it plays. The high standard of craftsmanship exhibited on this saxophone allows for light, smooth, quiet, and snappy action, which enables the user to play with efficient technique. The unique key work on this saxophone was inspired by hand-made flutes.  The back bar design, in our opinion, is an improvement on the design common on most modern saxophones, and the elegantly sculpted side keys, octave key touch, and silver-plated key touches feel great under the fingers. This saxophone is well-suited for both classical and jazz, with a centered yet flexible tone color inspired by vintage Selmer Paris saxophones.
It also comes with two necks for added versatility; the “Rue” neck for more centered pitch and focused sound and a “Street” neck that is more free-blowing and flexible. Overall, it is clear that great care went into designing and building these saxophones, and with the additional tune-up from Peak Performance Woodwinds, this alto is ready to be enjoyed for many years.

- This horn was used for showrooms previously and has a couple of extremely minor scuffs observable in our photos, so we are offering it at a slight discount. This is a great deal for a truly great professional saxophone.
- High F# key.
- Comfortable, sculpted key touches.
- Silver-plated “pearls”.
- Comes with two necks, the “Rue” and the “Street”.
- Very well-made case with backpack straps and a large side pocket.
- Solid brass reusable domed resonators.
- Pisoni Pro pads.
- Comes with a pair of Key Leaves.

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