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Vito 7214 Bb Clarinet ($300)

If you are interested in purchasing (or test playing these saxophones in the shop)  call (816-654-6405) or email to set that up.

Vito 7214 Bb Clarinet ($300)

These are some of the best student clarinets out there when properly set up.  This one is ready to go with a fresh repad and setup at Peak Performance Woodwinds. All new synthetic pads, fresh adjustment materials, and tenon corks should last a very long time.  Additionally, key heights on this clarinet were adjusted to improve pitch and tone quality in the throat tone range as well as the lower register, which makes a significant improvement in how the clarinet sounds and tunes. The key work is smooth, quiet, comfortable, and should retain stable adjustment with appropriate handling and care.

The case is in excellent condition and holds the clarinet securely.  This clarinet also comes with a used Fobes Debut mouthpiece in good condition and the pictured leather ligature—an excellent mouthpiece and ligature to start on. Also included are a Beaumont pull-through cleaning swab and a tube of cork grease.

Set your student up for success with this excellent and dependable clarinet

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