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After a long testing phase of new tenor bell ring sizes aided by the input of many established tenor players, these new sizes offer the same intonation benefits while offering improved response and tone compared to the previous sizes. The new sizes also allow for a greater range of options to fit more players needs.

We are so confident that these new sizes perform better for most players that we have decided to completely redesignate tenor bell ring sizes.

In our testing, the new sizes O and II were the most popular. We consider size O the safest option, particularly if a player is worried about a bell ring impacting their tone or low register response too much. Size II was especially popular among classical saxophonists, as it provides a pleasantly dark-sounding low B-flat without adversely affecting response in the low register.

Please refer to the conversion chart below to see how the new sizes compare to the old sizes. The main difference with the new tenor bell rings is that we have decided to make the standard sizes thinner. We have decided to make many of the old sizes still available under a different roman numeral designation with a + signifying a thicker ring, for those who may still want to have access to those.

Incline Thumb Rest Mk. 2 Available Now!

View more information about the Incline Thumb Rest Mk. 2 here, or shop online here

TPU Bell Rings Available Now!

Check out the new TPU bell rings now available for alto, tenor, and soprano saxophone! While I will still be offering the original versions of the bell rings for alto and tenor, I believe the new TPU versions are superior to the original versions in many ways. Read more about the TPU bell rings here. Shop TPU bell rings for soprano here. Shop TPU bell rings for alto here.


Saxophone Academy Review

New video review of Peak Performance Woodwinds Bell Rings by Dr. Wally Wallace, from the Saxophone Academy Podcast!

Featured in the May/June issue of The Saxophonist!

Peak Performance Woodwinds Bell Rings featured in the May/June issue of The Saxophonist!
Read why Paul Haar, who was previously opposed to saxophone muting of any kind, has now embraced using my bell rings! Read the Article. Watch the Video Review.

Official Dealer for Tenor Madness Custom Saxophones!

Peak Performance Woodwinds is an official dealer for Tenor Madness custom saxophones! These excellent tenors as well as their new baritone are steadily growing in popularity, and I'm honored to be trusted by the crew at Tenor Madness!
I keep a small number of these tenors on hand in my shop, but please contact me directly if you would like to come by try out any of these excellent horns so I can do my best to have a wide variety here to try! Read more about TM Custom saxes here.

Sax Pro Shop Feature

Honored to be included in MusicMedics Technician Spotlight series!