Located in Kansas City, Missouri        

Repair Testimonials

Zach Shemon

University of Missouri- Kansas City Conservatory of Music and Dance
Alto Saxophonist, PRISM Quartet

Will has been my primary instrument technician since moving to Kansas City. His attention to detail is unparalleled, which shows in the impeccable work he does. After having Will overhaul my Selmer Series II alto saxophone, the horn played better than when it was new and has been exceptionally stable ever since. He is also the exclusive technician for all work done on saxophones owned by UMKC and has been the trusted repair person for numerous students at the Conservatory. Will's work also extends beyond simply repairing woodwind instruments. He has found solutions to many issues that have long bothered woodwind players and technicians. As an example, he regularly customizes key shapes to be both elegant and ergonomically suited to the specific needs of his clients. He is also quite innovative with his use of materials, which results in the instruments he works on having quiet keywork, holding their adjustments, and being easily adjustable. One of the keys to Will's success is that he is constantly experimenting, learning, and trying new things. In short, Will is a rising star and will undoubtably have a profound positive impact on the field of woodwind repair.

Mike Prucha, DMA

Woodwinds Instructor, Graceland University

As a woodwind doubler I have nearly a dozen instruments to maintain in tip-top shape. Will Peak has been my go-to for repair for the last five years and he has done exemplary work on all my instruments – single reeds, double reeds, and flutes. He is meticulous, thorough, and has a keen sense for the effects of even the most minute adjustment. What I appreciate most about Will’s work is that he is not content to follow a wrote approach but rather treats each job as distinct set of challenges. He is responsive to his clients’ concerns and will tailor his adjustments to their needs.

Michael Shults, DMA

Assistant Professor of Saxophone
Rudi E. Scheidt School Of Music
University of Memphis
Yamaha and D'Addario Performing Artist

I’ve known Will since his early days in repair and I’ve never met anyone who has the same obsession and attention to detail to that craft than he does. I know I can trust Will to help me better understand what’s going on with my horn, and like a trusted car mechanic, he doesn’t try to oversell me on things that I didn’t come into the shop for - though he’ll always point out things that could be better. I’ve been fortunate to develop relationships with many great techs, but I don’t trust anyone more than Will. Also, his hygiene is usually exceptional.

William White

Associate Band Director - Stephen F. Austin High School

Being a band director, it is imperative to have a woodwind instrument repair specialist for your students that you can trust will get the job done. Will Peak goes above and beyond that expectation with every visit. He not only pays considerable attention to detail in repair of the instrument but also will fine tune certain characteristics of the instrument to better tailor the musicians need. His consideration of the instruments playing tendencies in addition to the attributes of the musician themselves separate Will Peak far from other repair technicians. I’ve been visiting Will for the last five to six years for my saxophone repair needs and every time I leave his shop I feel more informed about my saxophone and also about my own playing needs that sometimes I never realized before visiting him. Overall, I trust no one with my horn as much as I do with Will Peak.

Alastair Wright, DMA

Lecturer of Saxophone
Department of Music and Theatre Arts
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Will Peak’s repair work is consistently of the highest quality. His attention to detail and the deep care he takes over his work makes him stand out against many others. Aside from his terrific workmanship, Will clearly cares deeply about his clients. Will created customized additions for my instruments which I credit for helping me overcome long-standing pain related to playing. The quality of his work, his astute musicianship, and his attentive character have led me to trust him as my go-to technician.

Linda H. Phipps

Freelance Clarinet, Bass Clarinet and Contrabass Clarinet
Private Clarinet Instructor

I have had repairs done all over the Midwest and the work that Will has done on my instruments has been some of the finest. He listened to my instrument needs and thoroughly explained his approach to not only cover what I requested but made improvements that I didn’t even know could be made. My horns play better now than when they were new. Well worth the trip across Missouri for me. Will is a true craftsman.

Laura Zitelli

Musician 1st Class, Bb Clarinet
United States Navy Band

Whether it’s just a quick fix or a full overhaul, Will Peak always delivers the highest quality of craftsmanship. Every time Will works on my clarinets, they play better than I could have ever imagined, and I leave having learned something new about the mechanics of the instrument.  Will is extremely knowledgeable and he treats everyone with kindness. He listens to each of his customer’s individual needs. It is very clear to me why Will Peak has become one of the Midwest’s leading woodwind repair technicians.