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Bell Ring Testimonials

Alastair Wright, DMA

Lecturer of Saxophone
Department of Music and Theatre Arts
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Will Peak’s bell rings have had an outstanding impact on my ability to control the lowest range of my instrument, and had an immediate positive impact on my horn’s intonation. Unlike other traditional mutes that I have made or bought, Will’s bell rings allow for these improvements without compromising the overall quality of tone or dynamic range. I especially appreciate his bell rings for soprano saxophone. Not only do these improve intonation and control, but they also don’t fall out of the bell! I am always happy to recommend these to other players and to students.

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Michael Shults, DMA

Assistant Professor of Saxophone
Rudi E. Scheidt School Of Music
University of Memphis
Yamaha and D’Addario Performing Artist

I like my bell ring because it looks slick and unique, it does the job, and it fits tightly so I don’t ever have to think about it. Also, the smaller size of it and lack of bulky fabric mean I can drop a swab through the bell without having to remove it.

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Edward Goodman

Professor of Saxophone
University of Arizona Fred Fox School of Music

This mute effectively puts the lower end of the saxophones range in tune without stifling the saxophones overall projection. This is exactly what I am looking for in a saxophone mute.

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Jeffrey Leung

DMA student at Michigan State University
Vice President of Novus New Music, Inc.
Baritone chair of Kynetik Quartet

I have been a huge fan of Bell Rings, and of Will’s work, for a long time. I used to play on a traditional mute that performed decently with pitch corrections but I was constantly frustrated with the dull colour of the low end of the instrument. When Will showed me his Bell Rings in 2017, I immediately noticed drastic improvements in response and intonation in the lower register and the best part: NO dampening in the the low end at all! I’ve always appreciated Will’s time and meticulous effort put into finding the best possible combination of materials and measurements for each person’s set up resulting in a refined sound with unparalleled control. The Bells Rings are a crucial part of my performance set up – I won’t perform without them!

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Dr. Timothy McAllister

Recording and Performing Artist
Professor of Saxophone, The University of Michigan
PRISM Quartet

Please check back soon for testimonial!

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Nate "Rulon" Brown

President / Saxophonist
Leave keys open to dry™

I've never been a sax mute fan before, but I've been using Will's Bell Ring for a month now and am in love with it. It really focuses the low end of my sax. It's easy to use, well made and makes a perceptible difference in the blind tests I've performed. Well done, Will!

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